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The following modeling and simulation environments support or plan to support FMI (alphabetical list):


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Total numbers  ModelExchange  CoSimulation Notes
Tools supporting FMI FMI Version Export Import Slave Master
20-sim FMI_1.0 Available   Planned    Modeling and simulation program for mechatronic systems and control.
FMI_2.0 Available   Planned   
20-sim 4C FMI_1.0 Planned    Planned    Rapid prototyping tool for embedded hardware and industrial controllers.
FMI_2.0 Planned    Planned   
Adams FMI_1.0
High end multibody dynamics simulation software from MSC Software
Algoryx Dynamics FMI_1.0 Available   Algoryx Dynamics is a professional multi-purpose physics engine for simulators, engineering, large scale granular simulators and more.
FMI_2.0 Available  
Amesim FMI_1.0
Integrated simulation platform for the analysis of multi-domain mechatronics systems by Siemens PLM Software
FMI_2.0 Planned    Planned   
ANSYS SCADE Display FMI_1.0 Available   Available   SCADE Display facilitates embedded graphics, display and HMI development and certified code generation for safety-critical displays from ANSYS.
ANSYS SCADE Suite FMI_1.0 Available   Available   SCADE Suite is a model-based development environment with certified code generation for safety critical embedded applications from ANSYS.
ANSYS Simplorer FMI_1.0 Available  
Planned    ANSYS Simplorer is a multi-domain, multi-technology simulation program from ANSYS.
FMI_2.0 Planned   
ANSYS DesignXplorer FMI_1.0 Available   DesignXplorer is able to export a computed response surface as an FMU.
ASim - AUTOSAR Simulation FMI_1.0
AUTOSAR product from Dassault Systèmes
FMI_2.0 Planned   
@Source FMI_1.0 Available   Simulink via @Source
Automation Studio FMI_1.0 B&Rs Automation Studio is a software engineering platform for industrial automation targetting PLCs, industrial PCs, HMI and embedded controllers from B&R.
FMI_2.0 Planned    Available  
AVL CRUISE FMI_1.0 Planned   
Vehicle system analysis tool for the optimization of fuel efficiency, emission, performance and driveability, from office to HiL to testbed.
AVL CRUISE™ M is a realtime, multi-disciplinary, vehicle system simulation software used in office environments for the design of powertrains and thermal management systems, in HiL environments for control function development and calibration, and in testbed environments to provide simulation models for component testing.
Model.CONNECT™ is a neutral model integration and co-simulation platform to connect virtual and real components for virtual, physical and mixed testing scenarios in office, HiL and testbed environments.
axisuite FMI_1.0 Available   Simulation of exhaust aftertreatment systems from Exothermia.
FMI_2.0 Available  
Building Controls Virtual Test Bed FMI_1.0 Available   BCVTB is a Software environment, based on Ptolemy II, for co-simulation of, and data exchange with, building energy and control systems.
Cameo Simulation Toolkit (MagicDraw plugin) FMI_1.0 Available   Available   FMUs can be imported, represented, connected and co-simulated in SysML models.
CANoe FMI_1.0 Available   Planned    Available   CANoe is the comprehensive software tool for development, test and analysis of entire ECU networks and individual ECUs.
FMI_2.0 Available   Planned    Available  
CarMaker FMI_1.0
CarMaker is an open test- and integration-platform for MiL, SiL and HiL.
FMI_2.0 Planned   
Environment for Product Design and Innovation, including systems engineering tools based on Modelica, by Dassault Systèmes
INTO-CPS Co-simulation Orchestration Engine (COE) FMI_2.0
A free standalone FMI co-simulation master implemented in Java with a JSON API. It is developed as part of the INTO-CPS project.
ControlBuild FMI_1.0
Available   Environment for IEC 61131-3 control applications from Dassault Systèmes
FMI_2.0 Planned    Available  
CosiMate FMI_1.0 Available  
Co-simulation Environment from ChiasTek
Cybernetica CENIT FMI_1.0 Available   Planned    Industrial product for nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) from Cybernetica.
Cybernetica ModelFit FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Software for model verification, state and parameter estimation, using logged process data. By Cybernetica.
DACCOSIM FMI_2.0 Available   Master Algorithm generator & deployer from RISEGrid for a multi-OS, multi-threaded and distributed cosimulation implementing all the FMI 2.0 features.
DAFUL FMI_1.0 Available   Intergrated structure and motion analysis software from VirtualMotion.
FMI_2.0 Planned   
DS - FMU Export from Simulink FMI_1.0
FMI Kit for Simulink provided by Dassault Systèmes - Simulink Coder Target for export of FMUs from Simulink.
DS - FMU Import into Simulink FMI_1.0
FMI Kit for Simulink provided by Dassault Systèmes - Simulink block for import of FMUs into Simulink.
DSHplus FMI_1.0 Planned   
Fluid power simulation software from FLUIDON
dSPACE SCALEXIO FMI_1.0 Available   dSPACE SCALEXIO is a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) integration and simulation platform from dSPACE. Please also refer to the dSPACE FMI sites for more information about the FMI 1.0 and FMI 2.0 support.
dSPACE SYNECT FMI_1.0 Planned    dSPACE SYNECT is a data management tool from dSPACE that enables you to manage FMUs and Simulink models as well as their dependencies, versions and variants throughout the entire software development process. Please also refer to the dSPACE FMI sites for more information about the FMI support.
FMI_2.0 Available  
dSPACE TargetLink FMI_2.0
TargetLink is a production code generator from dSPACE that generates highly efficient C-code directly from Simulink/Stateflow models. Please also refer to the dSPACE FMI sites for more information about the FMI support.
dSPACE VEOS is a PC-based virtual integration and simulation platform from dSPACE. Please also refer to the dSPACE FMI sites for more information about the FMI 1.0 and FMI 2.0 support.
Dymola FMI_1.0
Modelica environment from Dassault Systèmes.
DYNA4 FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Open and flexible simulation framework by TESIS DYNAware.
FMI_2.0 Available   Available  
Easy5 FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Available   High performance simulation environment for multi-domain system dynamics from MSC Software.
FMI_2.0 Available   Available   Available   Available  
EMTP-RV FMI_1.0 Available   EMTP-RV is a power system simulation tool. Version 3.4 or higher is required to use the FMI capabilities.
FMI_2.0 Planned    Available   Available  
EnergyPlus FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Whole building energy simulation program
ETAS - ASCMO FMI_1.0 Available   Creation and export of statistical (meta) models using Design of Experiments (DoE) from ETAS.
FMI_2.0 Available  
ETAS - FMI-based Integration and Simulation Platform FMI_1.0 Planned    Planned    Integration and simulation platform based on FMI 1.0 from ETAS.
ETAS - FMU Generator for ASCET FMI_1.0 Planned    FMU Generator for ASCET from ETAS.
ETAS - FMU Generator for Simulink® FMI_1.0 Planned    Planned    FMU Generator for Simulink® from ETAS.
ETAS - INCA-FLOW (MiL/SiL Connector) FMI_1.0 Planned    Available   Guided and automated calibration of FMUs with connection to ETAS INCA.
ETAS - ISOLAR-EVE (ETAS Virtual ECU) FMI_1.0 Available   PC based platform from ETAS for ECU software validation at the component, sub-system or system level; allows for validation of Application Software, Basis Software and complete ECU software in a virtual environment.
FMI_2.0 Available  
ETAS - LABCAR-OPERATOR FMI_1.0 Available   Frontend for ETAS HiL systems LABCAR, operating on the creation of experiments and their subsequent execution.
Flowmaster FMI_1.0 Available   High capability 1D CFD tool for thermo-fluid simulation from Mentor Graphics.
FMI Add-in for Excel FMI_1.0
FMI Add-in for Microsoft Excel by ​Modelon. Offers support for batch simulation of FMUs.
FMI add-on for NI VeriStand FMI_1.0
NI VeriStand supports FMI through the use of the FMI add-on for NI VeriStand from Dofware
FMI Blockset for Simulink FMI_1.0
The FMI Blockset for Simulink enables the import of FMU's for use in Simulink - developed by Claytex.
FMI Library FMI_1.0 Planned   
Open source (BSD) C library for integration of FMI technology in custom applications by Modelon.
FMI_2.0 Planned    Available   Planned    Available  
FMI Target for Simulink Coder FMI_1.0 Available   Export of stand-alone FMUs for Co-Simulation from Simulink using Simulink Coder - provided by ITI
FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink FMI_1.0
The FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink from Modelon enables FMU import and export for MATLAB/Simulink for both model exchange and co-simulation.
FMUSDK FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Available   Available   FMU Software Development Kit from QTronic.
General Energy Systems (GES) FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Planned    Planned    GES is an object oriented simulation tool, for dynamic and static (algebraic) systems, Based on a hybrid bondgraph model. The tool is mainly used for ship power designs. Provided by TNO.
FMI_2.0 Planned    Planned    Planned    Planned   
Multi-Physics Simulation Platform for Powertrain and Vehicle Systems
Hopsan FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Hopsan is a free simulation tool developed at Linköping University. It is using distributed solver techniques with good support for parallelism using multi-core processors.
IBM Rational Rhapsody FMI_1.0 Available   Planned    Planned    Planned    IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® family provides a collaborative design, development and test environment for systems engineers and software engineers.
ICOS "Independent Co-Simulation" FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Available   ICOS is a co-simulation tool developed by Virtual Vehicle
IGNITE FMI_1.0 Planned    Available   Physics-based system simulation software for complete vehicle system modeling and simulation from Ricardo Software.
FMI_2.0 Planned    Planned   
JavaFMI FMI_1.0 Available   JavaFMI is a Java wrapper for the Functional Mock-up Interface (1.0 or 2.0) both for Windows/Linux 32 or 64 bit OS.
FMI_2.0 Available  
JFMI FMI_1.0 Available   Available   A Java Wrapper for the Functional Mock-up Interface, based on FMU SDK FMI_1.0
Open source Modelica environment from Modelon
LMS Virtual.Lab Motion FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Available   Virtual.Lab Motion is a high end multi body software from LMS International
MapleSim FMI_1.0
Modelica-based modeling and simulation tool from Maplesoft
Mechanical Simulation: CarSim, TruckSim, BikeSim FMI_1.0 Available   Planned    CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim are vehicle dynamics software solutions from Mechanical Simulation that support XiL development workflows and power real-time driving simulators around the globe.
FMI_2.0 Available   Planned   
MESSINA FMI_1.0 Available   Available   MESSINA is a test platform for model-based ECU function development.
Morphee FMI_1.0 Planned    Planned    MORPHEE is a system for automation, simulation and calibration from FEV.
FMI_2.0 Planned    Planned   
MpCCI CouplingEnvironment FMI_1.0 Planned    The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment from Fraunhofer SCAI is a vendor neutral interface for cosimulation in the 3D area; FMU subsystems can be linked through an integrated Master-FMU from Fraunhofer EAS.
FMI_2.0 Planned   
MWorks FMI_1.0
Available   Modelica environment from Suzhou Tongyuan
NI LabVIEW FMI_1.0 Planned    Graphical programming environment for measurement, test, and control systems from National Instruments
OpenModelica FMI_1.0
Available   Open source Modelica environment from OSMC
FMI_2.0 Available   Available   Available   Planned   
optiSLang FMI_1.0 Available   Planned    optiSLang supports the export of Metamodels of optimal Prognosis (MOP) as FMU.
FMI_2.0 Planned    Planned   
Overture FMI_2.0 Available   Modelling tool for the Vienna Development Method with supports for export of tool wrapper and source code FMU's.
Ptolemy II FMI_1.0 Planned    Software environment for design and analysis of heterogeneous systems.
For Python via the open source package PyFMI from Modelon. Also available as part of the platform.
RecurDyn FMI_1.0 Planned    Planned    Available  
High End Multi Flexible Body Dynamcis Software from FunctionBay
FMI_2.0 Planned    Planned    Planned    Planned   
Reference FMUs FMI_1.0 Planned    Planned    Reference FMUs supplied by enthusiasts and volunteers to show case specific FMU features
Scilab/Xcos FMU wrapper FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Available   Available   FMI support for Scilab / Xcos a free and open source software for numerical computation.
FMI_2.0 Planned    Planned    Planned    Planned   
Silver FMI_1.0
Generation of virtual ECUs and virtual integration platform for Software in the Loop from QTronic.
Available   High end multi-body simulation software from SIMPACK AG
FMI_2.0 Planned   
SimulationX FMI_1.0
Multi-domain simulation tool for design, analysis and virtual prototyping of complex systems developed by ESI ITI GmbH.
Simulation Workbench (SimWB) FMI_1.0 Available   SimWB is an open, powerful framework to run SIL, HIL, and MIL simulations under Concurrent's hard real-time RedHawk OS that runs on COTS hardware.
FMI_2.0 Available  
solidThinking Activate FMI_1.0
Software environment for modeling, simulation and analysis of multi-disciplinary systems from Altair.
FMI_2.0 Available  
SystemModeler FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Planned    Planned    Modelica environment from Wolfram Research.
TLK FMI Suite FMI_1.0
TLK FMI Suite provides LabVIEW and Simulink blocks for FMU simulation
TLK TISC Suite FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Co-simulation environment from TLK-Thermo
TWT Co-Simulation Framework FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Communication layer tool to flexibly plug together models for performing a co-simulation; front-end for set-up, monitoring and post-processing included
TWT FMU Trust Centre FMI_1.0 Available   Cryptographic protection and signature of models including their safe PLM storage; secure authentication and authorization for protected (co-)simulation
VALDYN FMI_1.0 Available   Multi-body dynamic and kinematic simulation for valvetrain, powertrain and transmission systems from Ricardo Software.
FMI_2.0 Planned   
Virtual Engine FMI_1.0 Available   Available   Multibody dynamics simulation software for internal combustion engines, transmissions and their components from FEV.
FMI_2.0 Planned    Planned    Available   Available  
WAVE-RT FMI_1.0 Available   Real-time, crank-angle resolved engine simulation tool for testing new engine management systems in SiL, HiL, and rapid-prototyping from Ricardo Software.
FMI_2.0 Planned   
XFlow FMI_1.0 Available   Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code which uses a particle-based kinetic solver based on the Lattice-Boltzmann Method, thus avoids the meshing process and allows complex fluid-structure interaction including through FMI standard co-simulation.
xMOD FMI_1.0
Heterogeneous model integration environment & virtual instrumentation and experimentation laboratory from IFPEN distributed by D2T.

Total number of tools and broken down by the FMI variants and directions. FMI_1.089 (34) We add green and orange available to compute these numbers (number proven with CrossCheck in parentheses).
FMI_2.054 (29)

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